Silicon Microstructures (SMI), founded in 1991, is leader in the design and production of MEMS pressure sensors. SMI offers a wide range of membrane pressure sensors to measure very low, low and medium pressure. These sensors, combining robustness and small size, are certified for automotive and medicals markets.

Based in Milpitas, USA, SMI is one of the few manufacturers which produces their own MEMS dies and package their sensors. The company controls the whole production steps of their sensors, they propose high quality products from bare-dies to fully calibrated digital sensors.

SMI sensors overview


Packaged membrane pressure sensors

SMI proposes a wide range of packaged pressure sensors from the simplest sensor non-compensated and non-calibrated to the fully digital sensor with an integrated ASIC. These latter are fully calibrated and temperature compensated on all the pressure range. The SMI technology and products offer high accuracy, ultra-fast response time, robustness and […]

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Silicon Microstructures (SMI) is one of the only membrane pressure manufacturers to produce their own sensing elements (bare-dies). For our OEM customers, SMI offers a wide range of Dies from 0.05 to 300 PSI, for Absolute and Gage measurement. As a leading manufacturer, SMI is a well-known supplier for medical and […]

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