IQRF is a technologic platform to build wireless network without any effort, to make your items connected in just few operations. IQRF solutions are Ultra Low Power and can transmit information to several hundred meters (point to point), and even several kilometers by considering the entire network.

IQRF offers a complete eco-system including hardware (modules, gateways, routers), software (protocols, IDE), an Alliance very active, and a high-quality technical support. This allows our customers to set up their wireless solutions in just few weeks.

IQRF solutions overview


IQRF Technology – Smarter Wireless simply !

The IQRF technology helps you make your products wireless very easily. Based on a wide eco-system (modules, transceivers, routers, gateways) integrating the IQRF OS and the high-level protocol DPA, this new technology allows you to build effortlessly a network with your objects. For many applications, it almost won’t be necessary […]

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Modules and Transceivers

IQRF modules can be split in two categories: “TR” and “DCTR” modules. The TR modules do not include pre-defined Hardware profile (HWP), which leaves more place for your own code but does not allow you to use the full functionalities of the DPA protocol. The DCTR (Data Controlled Transceivers) integrate the standard HWPs and let you […]

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IQRF Alliance

The core of the IQRF Alliance is to establish and manage the networking between members and helps them work closely on shared projects. It’s a fully independent entity of Microrisc (designer of IQRF technology). The Alliance also provide helps to make their products fully interoperable and provides related certification. Once products are marketable, its […]

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