Founded in June 2006, Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) has become a leader in the designing and producing infrared NDIR CO2 sensors. Their breakthrough technology enables GSS to provide ultrafast sensors while minimizing power consumption.

Based in Cumbernauld (Scotland), GSS is ISO9001:2008 certified and has received numerous awards including the Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics in 2014, and 5 TSB prices.

GSS Sensors


CO2 sensors for Ambient conditions

The COZIR-Ambient sensors from GSS measure accurately CO2 concentration up to 10.000ppm. COZIR are based on the patented GSS technology using photodiodes. This provide the most energy efficient and the most responsive sensors in the field. Thereby, GSS products have become essential in […]

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CO2 sensors for industrial applications

Based on the GSS patented technology using photodiodes, the well-known COZIR-WideRange offer a wide to CO2 measurement range for concentration from 5% to 100%. Extremely accurate and very fast, these sensors can track in real time the CO2 concentration changes while consuming very few energy (3.5mW). As a very innovative […]

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SprintIR – The fastest CO2 sensors worldwilde

The SprintIR is an ultra-fast CO2 sensors to monitor evolution of CO2 concentration in real time. With a frequency rate of 20 measurements per second, it is the fastest NDIR CO2 sensor available nowadays. Thanks to an additional flow through connector, it is still possible […]

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