Sensirion’s new Air Quality sensors

Thanks to his leadership on the Humidity and Temperature sensors market, Sensirion is developing new air quality sensors to improve and standardize this type of sensor to everyone.

Below you will get some information about new sensors that Sensirion is developing.


SGPC10 – Multi-Pixel gas sensor

Thanks to the new SGPC10 and additional smart patented algorithms from Sensirion, it is now possible to detect VOCs issued from human activities and differentiate them from the ambient VOCs. It allows your device to deals with data smarter and with more independency. The new SGPC10 is designed for IOT and mobile applications, its tiny dimensions (2.45 x 2.45 x 0.75mm) make the SGPC10 the smallest gas and VOCs sensor of the world.

The SGPC10 is sensitive to many gases to detect indoor pollutants such as aldehydes, ketones, aromatic and other VOCs. The sensor is also able to calculate the equivalent CO2 concentration.

This sensor is still under development, Sensirion expect to officially launch it during Q2 2017. You are more than welcome to contact us to have more information or request samples.

Capteur de particules 2.5um et 10um - particute matter sensorl

PM2.5 – Fine particules sensor for PM2.5 and PM10

Sensirion’s forthcoming PM2.5 sensor will define new market standards for accurate and reliable detection of PM2.5 and PM10.

With this new particulate matter sensor, Sensirion expands its range of environmental sensing solutions and opens up a new dimension in indoor and outdoor air quality applications.

PM2.5 and PM10 refer to particulate matter with particle diameter up to 2.5 microns and 10 microns, respectively, and are among the most dangerous air pollutants. Due to their small size, PM2.5 particles can travel deep into the human lung and cause a variety of health issues; for instance, by triggering asthma attacks or contributing to cardiovascular disease. Sensirion’s new PM2.5 sensor solution will enable the implementation of innovative air quality monitoring devices that prevent air pollution damage.

Contact us to have more information regarding technical features of this sensor.

Capteur de CO2 sensor Sensirion

New NDIR CO2 sensor with RH+T sensor embedded

CMOSens® Technology for IR detection enables carbon dioxide measurements of the highest accuracy at a competitive price.

Along with the NDIR measurement technology for detecting CO2 comes a best-in-class Sensirion humidity and temperature sensor integrated on the very same sensor module. Ambient humidity and temperature can be measured by Sensirion’s algorithm expertise through modelling and compensating of external heat sources without the need of any additional components. The very small module height allows easy integration into different applications.

Carbon Dioxide is a key indicator for indoor air quality. Thanks to new energy standards and better insulation, houses have become increasingly energy-efficient, but the air quality can deteriorate rapidly. Active ventilation is needed to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, and improve the well-being and productivity of the inhabitants. Sensirion sensor solutions offer an accurate and stable monitoring of CO2 in the air, as well as temperature and humidity. This enables our customers to develop new solutions that increase energy efficiency and simultaneously support the well-being of everyone.

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