Sensirion differential pressure sensors – SDP

The differential pressure sensors SDP from Sensirion integrate accuracy, speed and long term stability. They are fully calibrated in order to deliver the best performances and resolution, particularly at low pressure level since they are able to measure 0.1Pa variations around zero point. Produce in very high volumes, these sensors are designed to meet requirements of Medical and HVAC applications.

These sensors are also used to measure mass flow of air/gas in By-Pass configuration. It is the perfect alternative of standard mass flow meters, which can provide a high level of integration with a low price.

The remarkable performances of SDP are based on dynamic measurement method in which the differential pressure is determined by the flow which get through the sensor. Benefitted from an outstanding sensor system given by the CMOSens technology, the sensor provides great flexibility to integrate into OEM applications.

Capteurs Description

SDP3x- Design ultra-compact
- +/- 500Pa
- +/- 125Pa
- Sortie I2C ou Analogique
- Précision +/- 4.5% mv
- Pin Alert
SDP800 - SDP810
SDP806 - SDP816
Nouvelles générations
- +/- 500Pa
- +/- 125Pa
- Sortie I2C et/ou Analogique
- Précision +/- 3% mv
SDP600 - SDP610
SDP601 - SDP611
SDP500 - SDP510

SDP606 - SDP616
SDP600- +/- 500Pa
- +/- 125Pa
- +/- 25Pa
- Sortie I2C
- Précision +/- 3% mv
SDP1000- +/- 62Pa
- 0 à 125Pa
- 0 à 500Pa
- Sortie Analogique Linéaire ou Quadratique
- Précision +/- 2% mv
SDP2000-LSDP1000- 0 - 3500Pa
- Sortie Analogique Linéaire
- Précision +/- 2% mv


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