Established in 1988 and pioneer in digital temperature and humidity sensors thanks to his patented CMOSens Technology, Sensirion is a swiss manufacturer specialized in sensors with high added values.

Sensirion declines its technology in differential pressure sensors and mass flow meters and controllers for gas and liquids. The disruptive CMOSens technology of Sensirion allows to associate the sensing element, the signal processing circuitry and the calibration settings on the same CMOS silicon chip. Sensirion sensors offer unequaled accuracy and reliability at low cost because the company is optimized for mass production.

 Thereby, Sensirion has become the undeniable leader in the temperature and humidity sensors market. Several hundred million sensors are currently in operation in all kind of applications : Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Mobile. Sensirion is also a great partner for differential and mass flow measurement since the CMOSens technology provides unbeatable accuracy at very low flows.

The Sensirion sensors


Temperature and Humidity sensors – SHT

Sensirion is the world leading manufacturer of digital temperature and humidity sensors. As a pioneer with over ten years of experience, Sensirion has set up standards for this industry thanks to their well-known SHT series, which offer a great quality / price ratio. Sensirion is a top partner for humidity and temperature measurement. The […]

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Flow-through differential pressure sensors – SDP

Sensirion differential pressure sensors integrate accuracy, speed and long-term stability. They are fully calibrated to deliver the best accuracy and resolution, particularly at low pressure level since they are able to measure 0.1Pa variations around zero point. Produced in very high volumes, these sensors are designed to meet the […]

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Mass flow meters and controllers for gaz – SFM – SFC

Benefitted from its strong experience in the design of mass flow meters for industrial and medical applications, Sensirion is the ideal partner to help you developing your new flow measurement solution. Sensirion mass flow meters provide speed, accuracy and stability (no drift over time) for flow measurement over a wide […]

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Mass flow meters for liquids – SLx – Lx – LPG – LD20

Sensirion flow meters set a new standard in flow control and liquid dosage applications. With the patented technology CMOSens, it is possible to measure flow rates as low as few nanoliters per minute, with a totally non-invasive solution. Sensirion sensors are particularly implemented in medical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and […]

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New gaz SGPC10, CO2 and PM sensors

Thanks to his leadership on the Humidity and Temperature sensors market, Sensirion is developing new air quality sensors to improve and standardize this type of sensor to everyone. Below you will get some information about new sensors that Sensirion is developing. […]

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