Refond Optoelectronics was founded in 2000, HQ is based in Shenzhen. In recent years, the Chinese manufacturer has established itself as one of the leading company in the design and the production of SMT LEDs. With a production of over 1500kk/month divided in 5 plants, Refond entered the Top 10 of LED manufacturers in term of volume.

Preferred partner of the well-known manufacturers Dialight, Avago, Osram and Philips, these brands trust in Refond for the production of Chips for the Asian market when their capacities are overloaded.

Guarantee of quality of their products, Refond LEDs are certified for automotive market. They are currently used by Hyundai, Ford, Siemens, LG, IBM and Samsung.

Its high quality and very competitive products make Refond the perfect partner for large SMD LEDs users.

Refond LEDs overview


Chip 0402 – 0603 – 0805 – 1206

S198Multi-Chip – 2 / 3 colors


EMC and FEMC 2835 – 3030


COBs and Filaments


PLCC4 – PLCC6 – 2216 – 2835 – 5050

full color 3535 side view

RGB / Full Color 2727 – 3535

IR EMC3535 (1)

Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet


LEDs for Horticulture application

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Refond is one of the largest LEDs manufacturer in the world, its prices are highly competitive and its product range is very wide. There are many variations in each product series in terms of colors, luminous intensities and packaging form.

Send us the main features you are looking for. You can also provide us the LED part number you are using, and we will suggest you an equivalent Refond part.