The quality of products we supply is our top priority. We have established an efficient quality process to ensure customer satisfaction.

A suppliers’ panel tested and evaluated

HDI Electronics has a very long term experience in the Sourcing of electronic components. For over 8 years until now, we have been able to test most distributors and resellers you can find in the market. Our database includes more than 3000 companies, but around only 400 of them have been approved as HDI trusted suppliers.
These 400 suppliers we have selected are evaluated annually based on the compliance of the parts delivered compared to our original orders.

HDI Electronics China

For many years now, the majority of electronic components are produced in China and the main EMS located in Asia. Thus, it is the Asian market which concentrates the largest volumes of components and so are the opportunities to find good deals there !

But this market is also risky due to a high existence of counterfeits and refurbs which are on circulation.

For these reasons, HDI founded in 2013 its sub-unit company HDI Electronics China, based in Shenzhen. This local agency in Asia allow us to interact better with various agents of this market. It is also our first quality filter since we do the quality control check there (visual inspection and acetone test if any doubt), before bringing the parts to our HQ in France.

80% of our suppliers are local official distributors

Contrary to the general beliefs, it is often with little official distributor that we get the best price opportunities. Indeed, many local official distributors supply very large OEM and EMS with high volumes of few specific electronic components. The challenge here is to know which retailer will have the best price on the reference we are interested in, this is one of our strengths for our Sourcing business.

These little distributors are generally trusted partners because they are specialists, their stock have a great turnover, and their main customers impose their own quality constraints that we could benefit.

100% of our products are controlled in our HQ in France

The nerve center of our quality process is located in our headquarters in France, Montpellier. Our logistics room is temperature and humidity controlled, we have a microscope and a very high resolution camera that allow us to carry out visual inspections on 100% of the products we sell. In case of doubt, we verify the originality of the component markings with an acetone control.

In addition, our logistics team was trained by Serma Engineering to identify defect, refurbish or counterfeit indexes. Serma is a Top-French company specialized in electronic components tests. It is our last barrier of our quality process, we ask them to perform specific tests when our standard tests did not dispelled all doubts.

Our logistic area is obviously equipped to meet all ESD requirements. To package our products in the state-of-the-art of MSL requirements, we have two vacuum machine, an oven and two sealing machines. We have a large stock of antistatic bags, shielding and metal to repack products.

Strict quantification of RMA

We strictly follow our RMA rate year after year. We are proud to announce that our RMA rate for defective products was 0.028% in 2015, with a global value under 1000€. This is the best rate among HDI since the company inauguration in 2008. We hope to keep or even improve it for the next years!

Off to ISO9001 cert !

Since several months, we set up the challenge to get the ISO9001 certification to prove the reliability of our process to our customers. We are restructuring and writing clear quality procedures in order to be certified as quickly as possible.

Trust in HDI…

We hope that these explanations have been able to reassure you about our business and how we do it. We are a professional team composed of engineers and executives having ten years of experiences in the electronic field. All our commercial and logistic employees are conscious of the specific requirements of our market and take care to reach the quality process put in place.