HDI Electronics is specialized in electronic components Sourcing.

Our goal is to maximize flexibility in order to help our OEM and CEM customers on their purchases of electronic components. Below are the services we provide:

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Thanks to our international network of more than 500 manufacturers, franchised distributors, independent distributors, EMS and OEM customers, we secure your supplies at the best cost. Whether you’re looking for outdated components or better prices, our team is there to help you with your electronic component research.

Through this link, you will be able to send us a Request For Quote within a minute. Feel free to contact us!

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With more than 15.000 items in stock of obsolete or common electronic components and connectors, we are able to provide great pricing and fast deliveries for many parts. In order to get the best prices for the recurring needs of our customers, we regularly purchase components in large quantity that we schedule to fit customer needs.

With the link StockCheckNow! below, you will be able to check within few clicks the availability of the parts you are seeking for.

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Stock buy back

As a stocking distributor, HDI is buying back stock excess from our OEM partners and official distributors several times per year. We propose many solutions:

  • Buy back a full stock list of electronics components you would like to sold out or you do not use anymore,
  • Buy back item by item according to the requests we receive for your products,
  • Second-hand stock: you send us your components we store in our warehouse, but the components remain your property.

To send us your stock list, please use the contact form you can find on the this page.


The quality of products is HDI Electronics’ first priority. We have established an efficient quality process to ensure greater peace of mind to our customers.  We are constantly paying attention to our customers and suppliers feedbacks to continuously improve our procedures. Furthermore, note that we have begun the ISO9001 certification phase.

Learn more about our quality process.