Legal Notice:

HDI Electronics – Simplified Joint Stock Company – Share capital of € 155,000 – Registered in the RCS Montpellier 504439365.
Headquarters: 48 Rue Claude Balbastre – Building Camargue n ° 4 – 34070 Montpellier – France.
Tel: +33 (0) 499 532 009 – Fax: +33 (0) 488 562 456 – Email: contact (at) hdi-electronics (dot) com.
SIRET: 50443936500025 – VAT: FR58504439365.
Activity (NAF code): Wholesale of electronic and communications equipment and components (4652Z).
Responsible for publication: Grégory Lacroix.
Hosting: DDO Organization.

Term of Sales – HDI Electronics


– Seller is intended to be HDI Electronics with head office in Montpellier (FR)

– Buyer is intended to be natural or legal persons who request supplies of goods from Seller

General arrangement

These general conditions of sale apply automatically to all order and delivery made by the company HDI Electronics. The order taking implies the express and irrevocable acceptance of the general conditions, which cancel and replace any general or particular clauses contained in all documents originating from customers and co-contractors.


All orders must be placed on the HDI Electronics website or by email at and should be promptly accepted by HDI Electronics. In the case of a quotation, this quotation must be accepted by the customer.


The prices and information contained in our catalogs and prices do not bind our company, which reserves the right to make any changes to the product shown or described on its advertising notices without being obliged to make changes on the products already delivered or in the process of being ordered.

The goods are invoiced on the basis of the tariff in force at the time of the order, unless otherwise agreed. Prices are exclusive of taxes, excluding packaging, ex warehouse.


Payments are made by bank transfer or check. Any other means of payment must be studied beforehand. The customer refrains from reselling the material not fully paid, to any third party, without prior agreement and express of HDI Electronics. If an expiring invoice is not paid, even partially, HDI Electronics will charge a penalty for delay equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate. Bank charges resulting from an unpaid invoice are invoiced to the customer.

Delivery Terms

The customer agrees to receive the products at the date and place indicated on his opening of account and on his order. In the event of absence of notification from his part, delivery, with all its effects, shall be considered to have taken place on that date. Deliveries are only made on the basis of availabilities and in order of arrival of orders. HDI Electronics is expressly authorized to make deliveries in whole or in part. Delays of delivery are given as an indication, without any obligation on our part and the possible delays do not give the right to the buyer to cancel the sale, to refuse the goods, or to claim damages. Our house is released from the obligation of delivery for any fortuitous event or force majeure: Are considered as fortuitous event, total or partial strikes, floods or fires, etc. The type of insurance and transport for the goods must be defined before the goods are shipped with the agent in charge of the order. In general, ex-works with brokers and international clients and FRANCO for subcontractors in France.


HDI Electronics cannot be held liable for the direct or indirect consequences, both on persons and property, of a failure of a hardware or product sold by it, subject to the legal provisions of public order. No compensation may be claimed. The equipment of which HDI Electronics is a distributor, is guaranteed 30 days for the brokers customers and 1 year for the OEM, EMC customers from the day of delivery or the provision, unless otherwise stipulated. The warranty applies only to the product or product paid in full. In no case shall a failure be found to have the effect of extending the period of payment or the duration of the guarantee. Defective parts will be estimated by HDI Electronics in its workshops. An exchange, a credit or a partial or total refund will be made according to the choice of the customer by means of a written agreement between the two parties. The shipping and packing charges for the dispatch of the equipment in exchange are generally the responsibility of HDI Electronics. Under no circumstances will the warranty cover replacements or repairs resulting from normal wear and tear of the equipment or product. Also excluded from the warranty, the faulty and user-attributable behavior: deterioration due to negligence, lack of maintenance, storage, handling, or improper use. The guarantee is strictly subject to the absolute respect of the conditions and precautions stipulated and in particular: total absence of any intervention, modification or attempt of modification, products and materials, by any person outside the service of HDI Electronics.


The seller gives the packaging to the buyer, who has the obligation of removing any reference to the previous owner and who shall not be entitled to use such packaging for any purposes which differ from the original ones. If packaging is supplied by the buyer, the choice and quality of the same is on the buyer’s account. The buyer is compelled to supply packaging which is conform to the regulations in force.

Product information and characteristics

The description and technical data of products which are indicated in sales quotations, newsletters, price lists etc. are approximate and therefore not binding for the seller. The seller is only committed to the conditions specified in the sales contract (order, order confirmation, order confirmation acceptance, etc.).

Order variations

Any changes to the contract agreements, especially regarding prices, quality, delivery terms, payment terms, will have no validity if not supported by a written agreement.

Sales agents

Agents, sales representatives, brokers and any person in charge of sales transactions do not have the right to represent the seller, who acquires obligations only through agreements of its own provenience, undersigned by the legal representative.

Law and Jurisdiction

These general conditions of sale and any related contract shall be governed and interpreted according to the French law. All disputes arising between the parties to this contract shall be submitted to the court of Montpellier and shall be considered mandatory also in case of payments by bank acceptance or bill of exchange, voucher to warranty or involvement in connected actions.