RF modules overview

IQRF offers two types of transceivers:

  • The simple transceivers named “TR”. These modules do not include pre-defined Hardware Profile (HWP), which leaves you more place for your own code, but does not allow you to use the full functionalities of the DPA protocol.
  • The Data Controlled Transceivers “DCTR”. These modules integrate the HWPs and let you use all the features of the DPA.

Regarding the Hardware, TR and DCTR modules are similar, only the software features are different.


Modules main characteristics:

  • ISM bands: 868/916/433 Mhz
  • No additional components required
  • Microcontroller with integrated OS supporting MESH networking
  • Up to 12 I/O and 3 A/D
  • RF, SPI, UART and I2C interface available on each module
  • Extra Low Power:
    • Sleep Mode: 1uA
    • 3 Reception modes: Standard (12.3mA), LP (233uA), XLP (15uA)
    • Transmission mode: from 8.3 to 19mA according to the power selected
  •  189 Chanel selectable
  • Speed transmission average 19kb/s
  • Range: few hundred meters depending on the environment, more 240hops/packet
  • Hardware Options: Temperature sensors, EEPROM, LDO 3V, LEDs
  • Antenna Options: welded, On-board, U.FL connector
  • Connections with your products: SIM, SMT or Vertical

Download here the complete modules description.

IQRF Routers and Gateways

IQRF gateways allow to link IQRF networks with the rest of the world. They are totally compatible with the DPA protocol since they integrate similar modules with the same OS. It is also possible to design your own gateways by using a standard DCTR module.

  • Ethernet Gateway GW-ETH-02
  • GSM Gateway GW-GSM-02A
  • WIFI Gateway GW-WIFI-01
  • USB Gateway GW-USB-06
  • WM-BUS Gateway GW-USB-06-WMB

Regarding routers, each IQRF module can be considered as a hop thanks to the features offered by the DPA protocol. Thus, if you need to link some objects separated by several kilometers, you just need to add one or more DCTR on your network and place it on strategic points of the field.

End products and IQRF accessories

In addition to the accessories designed by IQRF (remote controllers), many products are available through the IQRF Alliance. These products are 100% interoperable with yours even if you are not a member of the Alliance.

Many companies develop and market solutions with IQRF technology integrated.
You are not alone and you do not need to reinvent the wheel!


More information about IQRF world :