IQRF technology overview

The IQRF technology enables to make your products wireless very easily !
Based on a wide eco-system (modules, transceivers, routers gateways and end-products) with IQRF OS integrated and the smart DPA protocol, this unique technology allows you to connect your objects without any coding.


For many applications, it won’t be necessary to code thanks to the pre-existing Hardware Profile (HWP). HWP are smart routines to handle automatically, for examples, communication between the module and your device, or between the module and a sensor connected on an I/O.
However, the OS allows you to integrate routines (in C language) in parallel to the HWP/DPA protocol to program special functions between your object and the IQRF module.
For sure, you won’t have to worry about networking layer which is 100% managed by the OS and the DPA protocol.


The IQRF technology is particularly suited for mesh networking thanks to the great features integrated in the DPA protocol. Through internal mechanisms of routing, IQRF networks are extremely robust. A Mesh network is very difficult to implement since it requires many complex algorithms to make it functional and reliable. The IQRF OS allows you to overcome this step because all the routing process is handled automatically, this is the main objective and advantage of this technology.

Download the IQRF Technical guide for more information.

The DPA Protocol

The DPA gives you the opportunity to control your modules (data transmission, I/O communication etc.) very simply with basic commands. The structure of these commands is well documented.


Security is also a priority of IQRF, many features are available. Among them, you have the option to encrypt the packets using the standard AES128b. You can also apply your own encryption on data in addition to the standard encryption.

IQRF Cloud

In addition to its hardware and software ecosystem, IQRF offers free cloud solutions (on IQRF servers), your data will be available worldwide. Of course, you have the possibility to host it on your own servers for more safety.

Download the IQRF Cloud guide.

Get started with IQRF

IQRF offers free access to its IDE. Like any great IDE, this software allows you to code, debug and program all IQRF devices including modules and gateways. Also, the IDE provides a live visibility of the network, you will be able to see the complete architecture and exchanges frames. It’s a great tool for network maintenance.
Updating your programs and applications on a working module is also very easy. Over-the-Air (OTA) functions are already implemented in the IDE and the module OS.


Many kits are available, they contain the equipment needed to get started (modules, software, testing programs). Many examples are already coded and all functions of the OS and he DPA are fully documented. Even if the OS remain owner, you have great transparency about functionalities and how it works internally.

In addition to the documentation, IQRF and HDI engineers provide great technical supports to help you in the design-in of your wireless device.


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