Introtek ultrasonic level sensors

The patented technology of Introtek based on pulsed ultrasound can also detect liquid level in different types of containers/vessels. This product line consists of two products.

The PLD (Point-Detector) is a very simple use detectors, you just have to patch it on the vessels at the height of the threshold you would like to detect. Its output (TTL) status is switching according to the liquid absence/presence in front of the sensor.

The CLD (Continuous-Detector) is a more complex sensor to measure the real liquid level in a vessel. Placed in the bottom of the container, the emitted ultrasound waves are reflected by the liquid surface, the liquid level is then deduced.

As for each of their sensors, Introtek is able to customize these products to fit your system.

PLDPLD- Pour récipients plastiques
- Calibré en usine
- Entrée 5 - 12 - 24 V. Sortie TTL.
- Indicateur LED
CLDCLD- Récipients tout type
- Pad de couplage intégré
- Calibré en usine
- Entrée 5 -12 - 24 V.
- Sortie proportionnelle
- Programmable
- Custom Design


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