SDP3xNews Sensirion : SDP32 and SDP37 release


Sensirion, the leading manufacturer of high quality sensors, expands its differential pressure sensor series SDP3x. The extended measuring range and the additional features of the new SDP32 and SDP37 – such as I2C address selection – open a wider field of potential applications like industrial, medical and consumer goods apps.

The SDP32 and SDP37 have exceptional performances. The digital SDP32 and analog SDP37 sensors offer excellent precision in bidirectional pressure ranges up to 125Pa. In Addition, the SDP32 allows the user to select the I2C address via the ADDR pin. This feature has also been added to the SDP31. As the SDP36 previously launched, the SDP37 has a configurable output signal. The output curve (linear or square root) can be selected with a special pin, as the latency configuration with an other pin (low latency signal or best signal/noise ratio configurations). New versions of the SDP3x with extended pressure ranges will be launched later in 2016.

The SDP3x sensors are considerably smaller than other differential pressure sensors – it measures only 5 x 5 x 8mm. The sensor can be now integrated into devices that previously did not have enough space to use this technology. In addition to its mini-size, the SDP3x also stand out with its high accuracy, long term stability and no drift over time.

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