HDI Electronics Overview

HDI Electronics is a SMEs created in 2008 and based in Montpellier, France. From its historical background, HDI Electronics is an independent distributor of electronic components. Sourcing, Stocking, gain on purchasing and buying excess inventory are the main four key service pillars of our job purpose. We provide know-how and advices to OEM and CEM, for those who are facing problems such as obsolescence of products, delay-and-time issues and even expertise on cost of electronic components.

Since 2011, HDI is a franchised distributor of many recognized brands in high value added sensors for the IoT, medical and HVAC markets. Over the past few months, we have enriched our offering with RF solutions, LEDs, oscillators, quartz and batteries.

HDI and its brands – High Performances & Innovations

Our engineering team provide you technical and commercial supports to integrate the products listed below in your business purposes. Our manufacturers are leaders in their field and offer the best measure and detection solutions such as relative humidity, temperature, pressure, debits, levels, bubbles, motions, gas as well as RF data transmission, LEDs (SMD & Lighting), oscillators, quartz and batteries.

SMI : Membrane pressure sensors Absolute, Differential and Gauge.
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greenTEG : Heat Flux Sensors base on Seebeck effect.
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greenTEG : Radiations sensors based on Seebeck effect.
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Micro Vibration Sensors
Sensolute : MicroVibrations and Motions Rolling Ball Sensors.
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Sensolute : Vibrations and Tilts Rolling Ball Sensors. Learn more

GSS : CO2 NDIR Sensors for ambiant and industrial applications.
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Introtek : Levels detectors and Ultrasonic sensors. 
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Introtek : Drips Chambers Ultrasonic sensors.
Customized Sensors

Introtek : Bubbles Ultrasonic Detectors and Sensors.
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IQRF : Wireless tranmission solutions for mesh network.
Modules, Passerelles, Cloud

Make your products wireless, simply !
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Refond Optoelectronics : LEDs SMD Major Manufacturer.

Chip, RGB, EMC, PLCC, UV & IR, COBs et filaments.

Taipro: Smart Sensors for Harsh Environment. Customized pressure and flow sensors.